A 50 years passion showing no signs of burning out, a vortex of ideas and projects involving so many souls: this has been SIGE since 1969. SIGE began with a few resources but holding so many plans it grew step by step, in search of quality and respecting environment and job partners. SIGE has left a deeper mark with every single step. Then, a larger building and new and modern machineries arrived, to support the specialized personnel and the ever determination to reach top of quality.
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At Sige we like to work in such a way that we are constantly aware of the demands and the trends in the marketplace, which only wants players who are realistic and capable of constant renewal and improvement in the way they manage their own industrial performances.
This is exactly what Sige is able to do on a daily basis:
Making continuous and carefully considered investments in the maintenance and purchase of technical instruments and the latest generation of machines that are needed to increase the efficiency and quality of every production process.
Constantly checking everything during the planning phase, with the help of 3D computer programming as well as an automation system that allows us to carry out checks on the quality and security of all our processes.
Respecting the environment and adopting energy-saving measures that cut to the minimum any waste created during the production phase.
Achieving ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001 certifications which confirm these trends and bear witness to the socially responsible approach that the company adopts towards itself, its employees and its surroundings.
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A proven and efficient team, ready to face any new challenge, open to innovation and constantly searching for useful and surprising products.
Our game plan is never repetitive with assigned but versatile roles. Each plan can be revised. We have a strong belief in our work, to reach over expectation goals, looking at tomorrow, no disowning for yesterday.
This is the new generation coming side by side with the elder one: youthfulness and tradition, spontaneity and experience for the same goal.
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Apparently quiet and tranquil, tucked away among the gently Marches hills, with nice flowerbeds and shining glass windows but actually active and frenetic, throbbing with emotions. An industrious hive where all is questioned, nothing is settled forever and the best is always possible. Transparency is the password. Information is the base of SIGE system. Information is necessary to motivate, to find new ways for what can make the difference. Trade fairs are the medium to meet and know other realities, proud of work but open to critique.
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