Conceived in a way that allows it to be easily customised, the Sige product range can be readily adapted to the projects and ideas of its clientèle.

An unfailing attention to research and the desire continuously to satisfy the requirements of the marketplace, have over the years given the company the impetus to equip itself with the requisite tools to provide made-to-measure solutions.

Today Sige is in a position to offer its products in a wide variety of colours and dimensions and can intervene at any time during the production process, thanks to its avant-garde planning technology, putting its know-how at the disposal of its customers.

This is a confirmation of the efforts lavished, step by step, during every single moment of its history, by all its employees. A confirmation that bears precious fruit, as can be seen in the highly modular nature of the range of technical solutions that can be adopted, and in the flexibility of the management of customer orders.


Co-operation and planning to serve ideas in the best way possible.