Styling, functionality and design. These are the key words that characterise Sige products: a host of items adapted to every requirement, conceived for an attentive public, who appreciate the versatility of our solutions which are always innovative as well as original, and able to facilitate and optimise their lives.

With Sige the concept of the kitchen changes, and not just the kitchen. Wire baskets, accessorised tall units and shelves glorify their surroundings and redefine the space around them. Materials and shapes come together in a harmonious fashion, generating a unique style of solution that is able to bring out the best, and in the most tasteful manner, from any layout in a domestic environment.

A careful design of silhouettes, a focus on particular details of finishes and on comfort during usage, constitute a further well-thought-out contribution to the richness of our full range of propositions.


Creativity and research that give an extra sparkle to our daily lives.