A passion that has lasted 40 years and that shows no sign of fading away, a vortex of ideas and plans, a large family of skilled people, always ready to give their best: this has been Sige since 1969.

A steady beginning, limited resources and so many plans, but an enterprise which nevertheless quickly translates its dreams into reality with clarity and conviction: a desire to grow the numbers, and to obtain recognition and esteem at an international level without ever forgetting respect for the environment, and protection of its surroundings and of its own team members.

A history of success built thanks to the entrepreneurship of the past and that continues to this day thanks to the love and dedication of an ownership that is always attentive to the requirements of its own employees, strong in the conviction that only through a shared belief is it possible to achieve results that exceed expectations.


Experience and dynamism, so that we can all grow in unison.