1969 - 2019: 50 times of SIGE

50 yers of effort, dedication and love for our work

50 years of research, innovation and entrepreneurial know-how

50 years of shared projects, respect and care for our employees and partners

At the beginning we had few resources, many ideas and only one dream: improving the turnover, gaining the brand awareness and great esteem on an international basis.

We are proud to celebrate our first 50 years: an unique occasion to praise our big family and enhance all of our successes.

The key features that always distinguished our history and that allowed us to grow and become a benchmark worldwide are: Initiative, reliability, design, products studied every time at the state of arts by people to people.

We would like to share with you the day of our anniversary to remember our path, enrich the awareness about our successes and focus on the new challenges that will come.