Last 31st May 2018 in Milan took place the prize-giving ceremony for the recognitions of "Le Fonti Awards", international reward of great importance and well-established in the most relevant cities of the world as New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, London and many other global financial centres.
Based on the principle of the networking with extremely high standing and influential testimonials, the Scientific Committee composed by specialists in the academic, financial, entrepreneurial and legal fields, select a number of distinguished candidates divided by different categories and sectors.
This year the award for the "Excellence of the year Innovation & Leadership Wire Products 2018" went to our company.
The motivations of this recognition shall be given to the research of quality in design, to the setting of our sights with continuity on innovation and on avant-garde technology and especially to the attention to the environment and the socially responsible approach that the company adopts to itself and his territory.
A confirmation that fills us with satisfaction and that frames an year exceptionally thick with events and results both from the point of view of the business and of the international recognisability.
High visibility was given to the award and to our achievement also from the TV channels "Le Fonti Awards" relayed 24/7 and the illustrious "Il Sole 24 Ore".