Accessories Art K220

Art K501: 1 space organizer H60
Art K502: 2 spaces organizer H60
Art K510: watches holder H60
Art K511: rings holder H60
Art K512: earrings holder H60

The pictures and videos show the product with all the available options.

Sige kaos divisori cassetto K501 divisorio Linea Kaos accessori K502 divisorio doppio Linea Kaos accessori
K510 porta orologi Linea Kaos accessori K511 porta anelli Linea Kaos accessori K512 porta orecchini Linea Kaos accessori

K501-K502 153 348 50
K510-K511-K512 144 170 53
cabinet width • X width • Y width • Z height • KG load capacity of slides • D diameter • LT volume