The international market only wants for protagonists those realities able to innovate and constantly improve their industrial paths. This is what Sige SpA does every day, when it thinks, designs and makes every single product. Baskets, pull out corner units, equipped tall units and dustbins that simplify and personalize the world of kitchens.

01.04.2024 Great success for Sige at Interzum Guangzhou 2024 in China!
The new solutions dedicated to the sleeping area were also highly appreciated

From March 28-31, Sige took its professionalism and incredible ability to innovate all the way to China, to Interzum Guangzhou 2024, Asia’s leading trade fair for woodworking, upholstery, furniture manufacturing and interior design.

During this important event, we presented to Chinese and international stakeholders our wide range of solutions for organizing the spaces of daily life and in particular the latest innovations related to the bedroom area.
We are talking about the Kaos line, which is modern and elegant and can stylishly optimize bedroom spaces, and the Edge line, which, thanks to the modularity of its solutions, transforms the wardrobe into a refined, super-accessorized environment designed around the needs of those who live in it.

During the fair, Edge also received the Interzum Guangzhou Award – Outstanding Furniture Accessories 2024, the award that recognizes the best and most innovative furniture accessories, adding to the many other awards received in recent months:

At our stand, visitors were also able to discover Sige solutions dedicated to the kitchen and laundry area, capable of making these rooms of daily use more comfortable and functional:

  • the ranges Materia, Infinity Plus, Materia Evo, and Pro Line, in which the brand new three-shelves corners and baskets, featured in multiple versions, stand out, aiming to make the most of base and corner kitchen spaces;
  • the Quadrifoglio line, which with its dustbins and household waste management systems also makes it easy to sort;
  • some solutions from the Zone line dedicated to laundry, such as pull-out and adjustable shoe racks or flap door laundry racks with single or double baskets, depending on your needs.
    • A fair full of emotions, that of Interzum Guangzhou 2024, which allowed us to meet again in person at this event – after five years – suppliers, customers and partners, and which renewed and strengthened business relations with this country, where Sige has already been present for some time and is a reference point for all Asian customers.

      The Chinese market is very important for the international furniture components sector: in fact, more and more Asian furniture manufacturers are interested in high-quality and innovatively designed solutions, especially made in Italy, in order to be able to offer functional and elegant products to their customers, just like the ones Sige has been producing for more than 50 years.

28.02.2024 Rainfall of awards in just a few months for Sige SpA!
The EDGE range wins three prestigious international awards

2024 could not have started better than this!
EDGE, our line dedicated to organizing sleeping area spaces, recently won three major international awards:

  • the European Product Design Award™ (EPDA), which celebrates the ability of product designers to improve people’s lives with practical and functional creations. An award that honored the strategic thinking, imagination and great expertise required to create a product as elegant and modular as EDGE:
  • the International Design Awards 2023 (IDA), the International Design Awards, which saw our EDGE line triumph in the Product Design category recognizing its ability to simplify life while being beautiful, innovative and creative:
  • the GOOD DESIGN®, which has celebrated the world’s most striking and innovative designs for 73 years. This award, initiated by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. saw EDGE win in the Supplies section due to its contemporary designs that innovate and push the boundaries of competitiveness in its field:

Three awards recognizing the unique features of EDGE, a range that makes modularity its hallmark and in which technology, ergonomics and elegance come together to make the wardrobe a tailored, flexible and super-accessorized space.
With EDGE, the sleeping area becomes a refined environment with infinite compositional versatility, in which style and order are enhanced, complementing each other:

Very proud of these achievements, we look forward to 2024 with renewed enthusiasm, confident that we can still create new solutions capable of improving people’s lives – from the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the laundry area – confirming our prominent position in the international furniture components industry, achieved thanks to the professionalism, functionality and quality of our products.

30.10.2023 At SICAM 2023, Sige solutions impressed everyone with their functionality and design!

On display our new kitchen and laundry proposals

Great success for the new products by SIGE at SICAM 2023!

The prestigious International Exhibition of Components, Accessories and Semi-finished Products for the Furniture Industry, held in Pordenone from 17 to 20 October 2023, was the occasion to present to the many visitors from all over the world the new Sige solutions designed for the kitchen and laundry area.

At the centre is the organisation of spaces, always the strong focus of our company, which for over 50 years has been studying and creating products capable of making daily life environments more comfortable and functional.

This is the case of the articles presented at SICAM 2023: the 002, 004, 007 and 340 baskets, realised for all Sige lines with a height of 685mm, which aim to make the best use of base and corner kitchen units thanks to the new version with 3 shelves. Available in different, these models make it possible to organise the kitchen area impeccably and efficiently, creating new space where there was none.

Beautiful and functional solutions that the international audience present at the event was able to touch with their own hands, testing their quality and resistance and discovering, thanks to the professionalism of the Sige team present at the Exhibition, the scrupulous study of materials, design and ergonomics that lies behind each of our company’s products.

Great interest was also attracted by the new proposals dedicated to the laundry area, a room in the home that also requires careful space planning: two laundry baskets for tilt door, with single or double basket, according to the needs.

Sige‘s presence at SICAM has been well consolidated over the years, and in this edition too it earned the appreciation of the large number of operators and visitors who crowded the stand, proving that our company is recognised internationally as a reference point in the furniture components sector.

See you at SICAM 2024!


17.05.2023 Sige in the spotlight at Interzum.
The summary of a week full of new contacts and established partnerships!

Consensus and admiration marked our company’s presence at Interzum 2023, the international exhibition that is a point of reference in the furniture industry and interior design sectors, which took place in Cologne, Germany, from 9 to 12 May.

For our company, it was an opportunity to officially present some new proposals to the world market and to showcase to one of the sector’s most important audiences products that aim to use the kitchen environment in an increasingly practical, functional and detailed manner. This is the case of our “YO-YO’ product (Art 810PRO), the pull-down mechanism with one or two shelves for wall units. The innovative product had already been presented at Sicam 2022 in Pordenone, together with “SPAZIO” (Art 340) the pull-out system for the corner base unit of the kitchen, which in Cologne we presented again in a new 3-shelf version and in new sizes.
We also presented some new variants of “must-have” products already in the catalogue in the new 685 height. Articles 002, 004 and 007 now become even more versatile and adaptable to any kitchen space!
News also appeared in the laundry line, which was enriched with a new flap-door laundry basket and a pull-out basket suitable for drawers under the washing machine.

Interzum 2023 was the perfect setting for the international launch of the new ‘EDGE’ range for bedrooms. A project created and conceived in collaboration with designer Andrea Federici. A modular collection with a contemporary look, particularly suitable for those seeking functionality and maximum usability of spaces without sacrificing style and attention to detail.

The interest and feedback from both operators and the general public are further confirmation of the success and prestige achieved by our brand even beyond national borders.

See you at Interzum 2025!



Sige Spa, which was awarded the Budgetary Performance High Honor at the Industria Felix Award 2022, in relation to the financial statements far the year two thousand and twenty, performed we/1 at the management leve/ with respect to the competitiveness algorithm (with binding parameters: Mo/ and Roe positive, in Profit, with Financial expense/Mol ratio of less than 50%) and solvent or safe compared to the Cerved Croup Score (CCS), which is a summary assessment of the creditworthiness of ltalian companies carried out by Cerved, one of the main rating agencies in Europe. The CCS is obtained through a suite of statistica/ models that allow to estimate a probability of insolvency far each company and, on the basis of this analysis, the companies are classified into ten merit classes, grouped into four risk areas.

PDF Certificate

16.11.2022 Sicam in Pordenone, official premiere for the Kaos Line

The prestigious international exhibition Sicam, which took place in Pordenone last October 18-21, was the location chosen by Sige for the official presentation of the new Kaos line, dedicated to the bedroom.
For the first time in its 50-year history, the Marchigian company, a world reference in furniture components, has developed its research on the wardrobe system, giving rise to a concept with a linear and innovative design, capable of combining style, ergonomics and maximum adaptability to every space requirement.
Kaos is composed of a series of high-quality components, made of painted sheet metal in an Orion finish: pull-out frames, storage units, hook-and-loop elements, modular shoe, laundry and trouser racks kits, and multifunctional shelves that, when needed, can be transformed into smart workstations capable of exploiting all available space.
Three finishes are available to characterize the interiors: faux leather, wood or glass.
The furniture industry specialists present in Pordenone were able to enjoy a close-up look at the elegance of the forms, the attention to detail, the design applied to ergonomics, and the perfect balance between harmony and versatility. Everything, as a result of years of study by Sige researchers.
In this short video you can appreciate the multiplicity of solutions offered by the elements of the Kaos Line.


14.05.2022 The new Pro Line finish black

The secret of a kitchen often lies in what it is not seen from the outside, in the details that make it unique and suited to the needs of those who live it.
The components of Sige Pro Line are elegant and minimal design creations, in which the linearity and ergonomic of the shapes reflect the perfect balance between aesthetic and rationality, even in the smallest spaces.
Made of painted metal sheet, the column its available in three finishes: white, orion and black.
The black finish, which we are presenting here for the first time, expresses the ideal combination of a design that is both minimalist and elegant at the same time.
The attention to detail which characterizes even the small plastic elements that complete the column allows us to respond to every customer’s need and to guarantee a personal touch to every system.
For more than 50 years, Sige Spa has been developing and proposing design solutions for furniture. The constant desire to innovate and reinvent has led it over time to become an international leader in the sector of furnishing accessories, while maintaining the typical Made in Italy quality.
The products of the Pro Line are the result of a continuous search for an improving balance between design, resistance and versatility.
Pro Line, linearity of shapes meets ergonomics of space.


03.12.2021 SIGE on the International Paint&Coating Magazine

For more than 50 years, renewal and research have been our keywords. The change of the coating plant has proved to be one of the best investments made recently. Thus we have improved our production process and the quality of our products and, at the same time, reduced the environmental impact of production. Functionality and aesthetics have always gone hand in hand… now more than ever!
Source: G. Lazzari, ‘SIGE SPA rinnova le cabine di verniciatura per migliorare la qualità dei propri manufatti e diminuire l’impatto ambientale della produzione’ from ipcm International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 72 ( November/December 2021), pp. 110-114.

Read the article

20.10.2021 SICAM 2021 - Trade fair in Pordenone

After the first trade fair of 2021, we get back to the company with plenty of new intentions.
Those days are always very intense but they allow us to meet our customers and suppliers face-to-face.
The trade fair still remains mainly a place where it is easy to create new synergies and discuss choices as well as new products.
About new products, we have presented several of them: starting from our new Zone line, the outcome of the need to create a container for both laundry and storage area.
Then our new 094C frame, a versatile product for all our customers’ bases.
And finally, our new 55X dustbin line, which is versatile in its liter-capacity and suitable to different drawer sides.
A lot of news at Sige!


30.11.2020 The new 55X serie of recycling bins installed on the drawer patented by Sige.

The 55X serie is composed by dustbins with different liter capacities for every need.
On request:
– Integrate the wet waste dustbin with the anti-odor filter.
– Add a fixed metal shelf above the dustbins.
All models are adjustable for drawers from 16 to 20 mm, adaptable to different drawers and available in gray, anthracite and white finish.


06.06.2019 Our PRO LINE has achived a great a great succes ar Interzum

Interzum Fair in Cologne has just ended.
In this occasion we presented our new creation: Pro Line. We showed to a very interested public the characteristics of our brand new creation, a product born to improve kitchen’s ergonomics with useful solutions for daily use and with an aye to the details.
Like every year this event allows us not only to meet our customers but also to find new partnerships and develop new contacts.
The internationality and the presence of different types of productive sectors is a guarantee of success that Sige grasps fully.
We brought a great boost of confidence, lots of feedback and the awareness of working on products and projects that are in line with the market needs.

Pro Line

15.04.2019 Sige at Interzum Fair Cologne presenting the new line PRO

This edition too, SIGE will be at Interzum fair in Cologne, from May 21st to May 24th, presenting all its products and the new entry of SIGE’s family: the line Pro.
This new creation is the result of the deep research of SIGE R&D department and the technical know-how of our production.
You will approach a new line of products studied to enhance the clear design of more ergonomic solutions for the kitchen environment. From minimalism and small details, the line Pro can be fully customised by optionals that will for sure surprise you!

29.03.2019 Our product IDEA was awarded at Interzum fair Guangzhou 2019!

During Interzum fair in China companies that have distinguished themselves in the furniture furnishing market and in the supply of kitchen accessories have been awarded.
SIGE thanks to the new product ‘IDEA’, designed to be completely customisable, has obtained an award for the ergonomically and technical innovations of the product as well as the innovation in the use of materials.
Result of the constant research of our R&D department and of the investments made in recent years, the award, which fill us with pride, once again enhances commitment and dedication which we constantly dedicate to our production processes and products.
IDEA is an adaptable product that will be produced in almost all SIGE lines to meet the needs of all our customers.

Go to the product 094M

30.01.2019 1969 - 2019: 50 times of SIGE

1969 – 2019: 50 times of SIGE
50 yers of effort, dedication and love for our work
50 years of research, innovation and entrepreneurial know-how
50 years of shared projects, respect and care for our employees and partners
At the beginning we had few resources, many ideas and only one dream: improving the turnover, gaining the brand awareness and great esteem on an international basis.
We are proud to celebrate our first 50 years: an unique occasion to praise our big family and enhance all of our successes.
The key features that always distinguished our history and that allowed us to grow and become a benchmark worldwide are: Initiative, reliability, design, products studied every time at the state of arts by people to people.
We would like to share with you the day of our anniversary to remember our path, enrich the awareness about our successes and focus on the new challenges that will come.

24.09.2018 SIGE on the SOLE 24 ORE

Il Sole 24Ore dedica spazio alla nostra azienda, a 50 anni dalla sua nascita, per celebrarne la ricetta del successo. Una crescita controllata, la nostra, capace di dare, di anno in anno, i suoi frutti, grazie alla presenza in 50 paesi del mondo e alla continua capacità di innovare. Un articolo che ci riempie di soddisfazione e orgoglio e che ci sprona a proseguire il nostro percorso di crescita.

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31.08.2018 SIGE at Sicam 2018

Next SICAM edition is approaching, the International Exhibition of Components, Semifinished products and Accessories for the furniture industry from the 16th till the 19th October 2018 will be attended by the best operators in the business, with a high rate of internationality and high standards of design and development of the products.
An exhibition which has grown year-on-year and over which our company believes strongly.
We will be there at Hall 5 – Stand B34/C31 to show all our novelties, our new furnishing solutions and the value added of our production and also to make contacts in particular with the foreign markets.

30.07.2018 SIGE rewarded by LE FONTI AWARDS

Last 31st May 2018 in Milan took place the prize-giving ceremony for the recognitions of Le Fonti Awards, international reward of great importance and well-established in the most relevant cities of the world as New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, London and many other global financial centres.
Based on the principle of the networking with extremely high standing and influential testimonials, the Scientific Committee composed by specialists in the academic, financial, entrepreneurial and legal fields, select a number of distinguished candidates divided by different categories and sectors.
This year the award for the – Excellence of the year Innovation & Leadership Wire Products 2018 – went to our company.
The motivations of this recognition shall be given to the research of quality in design, to the setting of our sights with continuity on innovation and on avant-garde technology and especially to the attention to the environment and the socially responsible approach that the company adopts to itself and his territory.
A confirmation that fills us with satisfaction and that frames an year exceptionally thick with events and results both from the point of view of the business and of the international recognisability.
High visibility was given to the award and to our achievement also from the TV channels ‘Le Fonti Awards’ relayed 24/7 and the illustrious Il Sole 24 Ore.

15.02.2018 Interzum Guangzhou

From 28 to 31 March 2015, Sige S.p.A. will exhibit at the international trade fair INTERZUM Ghuanzhou 2018

15.02.2018 M&M Bogotà

From 6 to 9 March 2018, Sige S.p.A. will exhibit at the international trade fair M&M Bogotà

05.10.2017 Sige al Sicam

Dal 10 al 13 Ottobre 2017, Sige S.p.A. sarà presente al salone internazionale SICAM di Pordenone.
Sicam, il Salone Internazionale dei Componenti, Semilavorati ed Accessori per l’Industria del Mobile è ormai punto di riferimento per molte aziende produttrici di mobili e complementi, il luogo in cui professionalità, esperienza e qualità si sposano per dar vita ad un evento d’eccellenza per tutti gli operatori del settore. SIGE SpA, Padiglione 5, Stand B34/C31

04.07.2017 Nuova linea MATERIA

Presentata per la prima volta alla Fiera Internazionale Interzum 2017, l’evento dedicato all’industria del mobile che si è svolto dal 16 al 19 maggio a Colonia, in Germania. La nuova proposta di casa Sige: cestelli e colonne attrezzate che plasmano e ridisegnano gli spazi, consentendo di gestire in modo confortevole e funzionale le esigenze in cucina.
Nuove finiture e materiali per un design che esalta lo stile contemporaneo, creando un gusto estetico raffinato. Il concept, dalle linee estremamente pulite e rigorose, è frutto di un famoso e riconosciuto designer. Materia è la nuova soluzione progettuale che grazie alla modularità e usabilità. soprattutto per la fase di montaggio, contribuisce ad arricchire di valore e sapienza produttiva la gamma dei nostri prodotti.

Scopri la linea MATERIA
Vai al Catalogo

03.05.2017 Sige al Interzum di Colonia

Dal 16 al 19 Maggio 2017, Sige S.p.A. sarà presente al salone internazionale Interzum 2017 di Colonia.
Interzum sarà il punto d’incontro per i buyers internazionali, una piattaforma dove i visitatori potranno vivere le novità, mentre gli espositori potranno illustare come hanno saputo interpretare i trend più recenti.
Interzum 2017: una nuova tappa sulla strada del successo della più grande fiera al mondo della subfornitura per l’industria del mobile e i semilavorati. Dal 16 al 19 maggio 2017 Interzum sarà il punto d’incontro per i buyers internazionali, una piattaforma dove i visitatori potranno vivere le novità, mentre gli espositori potranno illustrare come hanno saputo interpretare i trend più recenti. SIGE SpA, Hall 8.1, Stand F049

01.09.2015 Sige at Sicam

From 13 to 16 October 2015, Sige S.p.A. will participate at the International Fair SICAM in Pordenone.
Sicam, International Exhibition of Components and Accessories for the Furniture Industry, is now a reference point for many manufacturers of furniture and accessories, the place where professionalism, experience and quality meet together to create an event d’excellence for all operators in the sector.
SIGE SpA, Padiglione 5, Stand B34/C31

29.08.2014 Siamo at Sicam

From 14 to 17 October 2014, Sige S.p.A. will participate at the International Fair SICAM in Pordenone.
Sicam, International Exhibition of Components and Accessories for the Furniture Industry, is now a reference point for many manufacturers of furniture and accessories, the place where professionalism, experience and quality meet together to create an event d’excellence for all operators in the sector.SIGE SpA, Padiglione 5, Stand B34/C31

05.09.2013Sige at Sicam

From 15 to 18 October 2013, Sige S.p.A. will participate at the International Fair SICAM in Pordenone.
Sicam, International Exhibition of Components and Accessories for the Furniture Industry, is now a reference point for many manufacturers of furniture and accessories, the place where professionalism, experience and quality meet together to create an event d’excellence for all operators in the sector.SIGE SpA, Padiglione 5, Stand B34/C31

15.05.2013 SIGE at the Interzum Fair

The most important industry trade show.
From 13 to 16 May 2013 Cologne was once again the scene of the world premiere in the field of materials, components, machinery and textiles. Here the experts come together and share their knowledge and present technologies and cutting-edge materials that are transformed into design ideas of tomorrow.
Sige SpA took part in the trade fair (Hall 8 Stand And 40/F41) along with hundreds of other market-leading the majority of which, about 74% come from abroad.