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552U Quadrifoglio waste-bin installed on the drawer

The 552U is a recycling waste-bin installed on the drawer:
• Adaptable to Blum Tandembox, Hettich Arcitech, Grass Dwdxp, Grass Nova Pro Scala drawers
• Top edge of the waste-bins at the same level as the drawer edge
• Door reinforcing bracket included
• Adjustable for drawers from 16mm to 20mm
• Quick assembly
• Lids with anti-odor filter on request
• Adaptable to the costumer’s drawer
• Possibility of choosing the liter capacity of the waste-bins
• Nanotechnology coating for a better oxidation resistance.

The pictures and videos show the product with all the available options.

552U pattumiera estraibile sige
552U pattumiera quadrifoglio 552U pattumiera sige cucina
24+2×8 LT 500 460-468 510 465 40
2×24 LT 500 460-468 510 465 48
2×32 LT 500 460-468 510 610 64

minimum cabinet width • X minimum width • Y minimum depth • Z minimum height • KG load capacity of slides • D minimum diameter • LT minimum volume
cabinet width • X width • Y width • Z height • KG load capacity of slides • D diameter • LT volume
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